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PC's infected always even without drivers installed & no fix

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PC's infected always even without drivers installed & no fix

Unread postby Ishabari » January 26th, 2016, 9:12 pm

The PC I ran this scan on is a MacBook Pro 15 inc running BOOTCAMP (on a seperate partition) and it is newly formatted in the last 2 hours with no documents on, and already I am experiencing problems and errors. I need to mention that whatever problems I am having is ALWAYS on an alonestanding, single PC, NOT part of a homegroup or domain, NOT shared in any way, not supposed to be on any network, owned by myself, and I live alone, with nobody having any physical access to any of my PC's at any time, other that a domestic maid who does not have the know-how at all.

My computers get infected before I even install the drivers. All I have to do is install the OS. Windows 7. (Or any operating system for that matter, XP, Windows 8 Windows 10, all the same infections eventually occur.) After installation of the OS, lots of changes happen to my PC's settings. I get a msg when I try to log off that 'other users are connected to the computer and switching off will cause them to lose unsaved work'! I am the only user, on a PC that hasn't even got Drivers installed yet! Yet the firewall says public connections are 'connected'. And if I change the firewall settings under 'advanced settings', WHILE I AM STILL CHANGING A SETTING IT GETS ADDED AGAIN. So I would change, e.g. HOMEGROUP OUT, from ALLOWED to BLOCKED, and the second I am finished, another entry would be added to the list, with the BLOCKED changed to ALLOWED. All this before I have even installed a single driver. It is almost as if someone is able to access my PC via a network but I am not able to get on the internet yet because I haven't yet installed the LAN drivers. Or any other drivers for that matter. Then, when I install drivers, to be able to get on the Internet and get to an antivirus program, more settings gets changed, like services gets started that can now no longer get stopped by me (where before I could still stop that particular services under Computer management). A service like SERVER now is not only impossible to be stopped, but is password protected as well. There are now many services running that I cannot control, and many ANONYMOUS logons of users. (Sometimes many users log on, other than Updatususer which is Nvidia, and SYSTEM, and TRUSTEDINSTALLER. Mostly logons are called ANONYMOUS.
The Microsoft technology seemingly gets used to infiltrate my private documents, I don't know how else to put this. Because on all my PC's over time (I had many, because of this problem, and not knowing what the cause is/was, and I reformatted them all many many times over, up to once a week) Microsoft Silverlight gets installed, as well as Windows Sign-in Assistant. Then, as soon as I uninstall these two programs, it would be the end: I would lose all my documents. When I navigate to the C folder I would get: ACCESS DENIED, and all the icons on my desktop would disappear, shortcuts and actual documents. There will always be this 'user' logged on when I try to log off, my passwords on my email would get compromised and changed and generally my PC would not work, like I would not be able to get into the Internet and websites and my PC would be very slow. My various PC's, all the same problem. At the moment I have 4 relatively new PC's, an Apple (same thing - don't believe an Apple can't be hacked) and a Dell, an Acer, a Lenovo and an Apple Mac on which I run Bootcamp (Windows). This problem is so pervasive that I initially thought it had to be hardware, which is why I changed PC's. I am running Commodo Security with Geekbuddy Complete and their Trustconnect VPN program and their online Team are at a loss for words. They themselves have advised me to reformat even though they guarantee that customers will never end up in that position.

But even reformatting does not help, nor did changing my wireless router or the password thereof, a few times. (This is where I think I get compromised, but I am not sure how.) This has been going on for 6 years. I have reason to believe that this is being done by a specific person, whom I know. Not only does he has this type of knowledge but he has motive I suppose. He has threatened in the past that he could and would do this although the amount of interest he has in me has exceeded my expectations by far.

Out of desperation I have disabled many network services and blocked all the windows firewall ports, as you may see on the logs. I still have a good internet connection. I find it interesting that, as mentioned, WHILE I am busy changing firewall settings, they get added again at the top of the list. I would maybe BLOCK the Remote Access Connection Manager, then the rule would be re-written and placed at the top of the list of firewall rules again. I did not even think that Windows firewall rules mattered, with Comodo installed, but for some reason, the rules gets changed back when I change them. Some of them.

Sometimes I can hear the computer running many programs and it gets incredibly hot - too hot to touch. It is definitely background processes, not a hardware issue. Because when I stopped some background processes with Comodo killswitch, immediately the PC slowed down audibly, cooled down and ran slower. The problem is that the processes running in the background, I believe, is masked as genuined Windows programmes, so it is very diffucult to know what to stop, and sometimes I have lost connectivity because of it, needing to re-trace my steps. When I want to log off I also always get notified about background processes running, none of which is familiar to me, or started by me. Lots of audio & audiovisual processes, seemingly. I have also set my sound settings to make a certain sound when new feeds are detected, so I hear all the time when this happens.

In Chromodo, the amount of networks trying to gain access to the system (my PC) is abnormally large, according to Comodo Geekbuddy staff, something like 150 - odd networks at any given time. It differs from PC to PC, and whether I have many features installed. The more apps and features like Windows features I have installed, the worse my PC gets infiltrated; the quicker, and the faster I lose control over my personal documents. But Comodo is the best I have ever had it, my computers are more stable now than they have ever been, thanks, probably to the Geekbuddy system of online intervention. Before that, I literally re-formatted a computer once a week.

It is the rule rather than the exception for my g-mail account to get broken into and the password changed. I have many witnesses who can attest to being with me while I got a notification out of the blue, via e-mail, that my e-mail password had just been changed, without any input from myself. This has obviously cost me a lot of money, time and productivity over the six years that the problems have been occuring.

Any assistance would be tremendously appreciated.

Best regards

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Re: PC's infected always even without drivers installed & no

Unread postby pgmigg » January 26th, 2016, 10:15 pm

Hello Ishabari,

The PC I ran this scan on is a MacBook Pro 15 inc running BOOTCAMP (on a seperate partition)

This forum is for malware removal from PCs, running Windows operating system software.

We do not work with Mac computers.

The following forums have support for Macs, however I couldn't say whether that includes Malware removal support...


... The level of help at all the above forums is generally very good.

We are sorry we can not offer you assistance with this matter.

This topic will now be closed.
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