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Malware Removal University - Information and Application

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Malware Removal University - Information and Application

Unread postby NonSuch » May 31st, 2013, 4:36 pm

Applying for Admittance to the

Malware Removal University


The Mission of the Malware Removal University is to train volunteers to assist in removing malware at the various established malware removal forums, thereby helping to expand the availability and quality of volunteer help, and the usability of the Internet.

We do also provide help for malware victims at this site, but that is a secondary activity.

What this course is for ....

  • The intent of this course is to train individuals who desire to volunteer their services online as malware removal helpers at various malware removal forums.

What this course is not for ....

  • It's not for personal skill enhancement so you can help friends and family.
  • It's not a corporate training course to help you provide better help to your clients, start or support your own business, improve your opportunities for employment and/or enhance your eligibility for a promotion.
  • It's not a social club where you can come and chat about malware with your friends.
  • It's not a way to pass time because you've got nothing better to do.

If you want to join for any reason other than to help in currently established forums, then this course is not for you. If you disregard this cautionary warning and instead misrepresent your reasons for applying for admission to MRU, rest assured that the truth will ultimately be discovered, which will result in your immediate removal.

The course is a complete training program that is very extensive and time-consuming. It can also be very difficult and sometimes may even be frustrating. It is NOT self-paced, and cannot be completed at your leisure. We have a large waiting list of applicants, and therefore have neither the time nor resources to devote to any but dedicated and determined students.

This program does not require that you have previous experience, a background in computers or a technical background. It does require that you have both time and determination, and a willingness to work very hard and to follow instructions. MRU Graduates have come from a wide variety of backgrounds and occupations, including retirees, educators, physicians, laborers, lawyers, mechanics, bookkeepers, landscapers, and even a few computer "experts." The list goes on and on.

The training provided is free of charge. In return, graduate trainees are expected to allocate a portion of their time to helping others, via online community forums, to rid their computers of malware. They are also expected to spread the message of practicing safe and secure online computing.

The staff on the boards are all volunteers, willing to donate their time and expertise in the fight against malware and the continuing battle to keep the Internet safe and usable.

The purpose of the Malware Removal University is not, has never been, nor will it ever be to provide support to those who join the University for the purpose of setting up a malware removal help site. Our objectives do not include providing just enough help so that yet another poorly prepared student can open yet another substandard help site. If that sounds harsh, it is intended to be exactly that. We have neither the time, the inclination, nor the patience, to deal with prospective Short Term Students whose purposes are not in accordance with ours.

Our objective is to train malware fighters, of which there are few, to assist at existing help sites, of which there are already many. There should be no doubt in the mind of any potential student that the work and mission of this University is something we all take very seriously, and that those who attempt to use this University as a means to further their own private agendas will be promptly removed.


Be aware there are restrictions associated with enrolling here:

  • If you are infected yourself - We require that you finish the process of getting clean before you apply for entrance to the University. Some people have applied for admission to the University, mistakenly assuming they would receive priority attention for their own malware problems. That assumption is incorrect. If you are infected and a member of the University, you will be required to do your own cleaning, although the teachers/experts will provide some suggestions. So, work with an existing trainee or expert first to get your computer clean, then apply to join the University to help others.

  • Posting Restrictions - The following restrictions apply to all MRU students:

    • MRU Freshman: NO advice of any kind may be given in any malware removal topic in any forum at this or any other site.

    • MRU Undergrad: Undergrad students may post preapproved advice in malware removal topics only at approved forums listed in Room 7a, and only under the direct supervision in Room 07 of an MRU approved and authorized teacher.*

    If you are unable or unwilling to abide by the above posting restrictions, then you should not apply for admission to MRU. Failure to comply with either of these restrictions would result in immediate expulsion from the Malware Removal University.

  • Already Training/Enrolled or Considering Applying Elsewhere?: MRU, like most of the other UNITE anti-malware schools, does not believe that a student can successfully train at more than one school at the same time. Do not apply to MRU if you are presently a trainee at any other malware removal school. Do not apply to MRU if you have applied to or are presently considering applying to any other malware removal school.

    Submitting an application to another school while you have an application pending at MRU will result in your MRU application being declined and the other school being notified.

    Applicants who gain admission by failing to disclose that they are training/enrolled at another school will be removed from the University and the other school will be notified.

    Link to the list of UNITE schools

  • Counter Purpose Enrollments: If it is determined by the staff that any student and/or member is operating counter to the Mission and Purposes of the University by utilizing its resources, or soliciting other students and staff members, with the primary, short-term objective of opening, operating, or contributing to the operation of a help site, said student may be removed from the University without further notification.

If all of the above restrictions are acceptable to you:

  • A word of caution for those considering applying for admission. This training is not easy! As stated earlier, the training is arduous and it takes a long time. It requires time, dedication, and lots of hard work. Log analysis can be a tedious and time-consuming process, and you will need to absorb a staggering amount of information before you are capable of providing help to malware victims on the forums.

  • Language Requirements: This University prepares students to become helpers on English speaking forums. The study material is in English, and all communications between Instructors and students will be in English. We expect all work submitted by a student to be in clear and understandable English. We do not have the provision to translate to or from other languages.

    A high degree of fluency in English is expected of all students.

    Whilst we will try to accommodate those of you for whom English is not your first language, if we find a student's command of written English is, in our opinion, insufficient for the requirements of the course, we reserve the right to terminate that student's training.

  • How Long Does It Take?: You can expect to train for a minimum of one year before you will be able to post (supervised) to victims, and then an additional six months or more before you can do so unsupervised. It can be a longer process, depending on how much time you have at your disposal. If you devote the minimum amount of time to your studies, the training process will take much longer than stated above. However, it is possible the length of time may be slightly shortened by previous knowledge of computer systems.

    We realize that students will not all progress at the same speed; however, it is expected that a constant ongoing effort will be shown by all students. The key word here is constant. We need to see students working steadily towards graduation, without long and/or frequent pauses in their training. If you are unable to make that kind of commitment, then this course is probably not for you.

    Please note: Unless you have requested and received approval for an extension at least four days in advance, a break of longer than one week between finishing one exercise and starting the next will result in your removal from the MRU training program, and your status will be reverted to that of Regular Member.

  • The Rewards: There will be topics to study, homework to do, and tests to pass. BUT the first time you get that 'THANK YOU - I AM VERY GRATEFUL,' will be a priceless moment, and those words and the gratitude they convey will not be diminished by repetition.

  • The Process: Once you have been accepted into the Malware Removal University, you will be able to view and participate in the University training program. You will receive a Private Message after your admission. That Private Message will provide you with a basic guideline of what is expected of you as a trainee at the University. It will also instruct you on where to start your reading and what you should do first.

  • Signatures After you enroll, please go to room 01 and read the "Signature Policy" topic.

If you clearly understand and agree to the above, then we would invite your application to the Malware Removal University.

*teacher, in the context of this document, shall be interpreted to indicate an individual specifically approved by MRU to assist MRU Undergrads with Practice Logs and in Room 7. This may include, but is not limited to: MRU Master, MRU Expert, MRU Mentor, MRU Teacher or MRU Admin.

Applying for Admission

If, after reading all the above information, you still feel you would like to participate in the ongoing battle against malware, please follow the instructions below to apply by email:

Composing Your Application

Please note that applications submitted by individuals who have not registered will automatically be rejected. In order to be considered for admission to the Malware Removal University, an applicant must be a registered member of this site and have a forum username.

Do not send us an email simply telling us you're interested in joining the University. You must follow the instructions given below in order to provide us with the required information for processing your application.

Start the application process by clicking the link below to begin your email:

In the example box below you will find a list of questions. Copy the list into your email, then carefully answer each question. It is important that you answer all questions. Incomplete applications, with skipped or partially answered questions, will not be processed.

Example Box

Full Name:

Forum username:



email address:

How did you find us?:

Why do you want to join?:

How many hours available per week?:

Define malware:

Been infected?:

Training elsewhere?:

Are you are a member at any other forum(s)? :

If yes, provide a link to your profile(s) and include your user name(s):


Post your details and a Teacher/Admin will process your application. This may take a week or more. If you have not received a response within two weeks of submitting your application, please resubmit it. Please note that applicants are required to respond to any and all communications from MRU within a maximum of 7 days of the communication having been sent to the applicant. Failure of the applicant to respond within the 7 day time period will result in the applicant's immediate removal from consideration for admission to MRU.

Not every applicant will be granted access to the University, and it is not the policy of MRU to provide reasons for an applicant failing to be admitted...so please don't ask.

During the time your application is being processed, you will be expected to pass a simple entry test, which will be sent to you by Personal Message (PM). Passing the test will make you eligible to be placed on our waiting list.

Due to the demand for training, all places in the University are currently taken, and we have had to introduce a waiting list for placement, based on a "first come first served" prioritization. The course is not easy, and we have quite a high turnover of students, so places will generally become available on a somewhat regular basis. However, we cannot give successful applicants a precise date as to when they will be admitted.

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Re: Malware Removal University - Information and Application

Unread postby Gary R » June 1st, 2015, 1:19 am

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