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3rd Newsletter

Unread postby ChrisRLG » July 26th, 2006, 5:46 pm

This my third newsletter.

Link in original to this topic here.

If you no longer wish to receive this newsletter please visit this link http://www.malwareremoval.com/forum/groupcp.php?g=150 and remove yourself from the usergroup.

Finances of Malware Removal Website and Forum.

I thought I would explain some finances this time round.
On the ( http://www.malwareremoval.com/donations.html ) MWR Donations page, it explains that if donations received are greater than the sites expenditure, any surplus will be apportioned to support the tools and programs that we recommend for malware removals.

Currently, not one month has passed, where I have been able to pass any funds to those people. Mostly we have a shortfall of about £30-£40 a month. (Approx $50 to $70). That does not mean that the site is in any problems, but does mean I am supporting the forum to that extent from my own pocket.

Site News

Is a new peer to peer page which shows a list of the good and bad p2p programs maintained by Nexus7 available from http://p2p.malwareremoval.com/
It follows from the well known work of Mike at SpwareInfo which was getting out of date. Mike has since started to update his own page - so do follow the link to http://www.spywareinfo.com/newsletter/a ... 25.php#p2p (Mikes newsletter) and see if you can assist him in getting his own page current.

On the main forum page I have added some links to some good security blogs & websites, they are well worth the read on security issues. The MWR Domain Blog will contain details of the graduations from our University when they happen.

With the Co-Operative linking of the MWR University with ( http://www.malwareremoval.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=11644 ) TomCoyote Classroom the support that our joint students will receive has been enhanced. Both sets of students will benefit from the combined libraries and support rooms, also providing a backup location incase of any server/domain problems.

Do not forget the Malware Complaints Site.

If you are a victim, did you add your complaint.
If you are a helper, do you always remember to give information to your victims when you have them clean.

We have a special link for helpers to use (made by Dak), you might like to play with it. With it you can provide YOUR victim with a page giving them the info they require to make thier complaint. It has been designed to 'know' where the victim is based and will present the infomation in the language of that country (for the lanugagues that it is coded for - English as the default).

This is the page for helpers http://images.malwarecomplaints.info/InfectedWith.htm
This is an example for a victim http://images.malwarecomplaints.info/We ... rus_Pro=on

We do need some helpers to give us translations for other languages - Please PM them to Dak at Malware Complaints.


Thank you for your support of MalwareRemoval.com in the past and we look forward to a future where the internet is malware free, that maybe a long time in the future, but we will be here to help make it happen.

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Unread postby ChrisRLG » July 26th, 2006, 7:02 pm

Please note that I am not asking for donations in the post above, but explaining why no donations have been made from my received funds to the tool makers etc.

Any surplus, now or in the future, will be donated to others in need within this industry. We do need those tools and they need constant updating to deal with newer infections.

To those who have donated, in the past, now or in the future - Thank you.
You are lightening my load and it is appreciated.
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Posts: 17759
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