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Still viruses/warms/malware etc

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Still viruses/warms/malware etc

Unread postby Andrei0 » July 18th, 2017, 7:16 am

Hi again,

I already opened topic but someone closed it without even giving me possibility of my feedback. PC is still infected completely preventing me to do anything at all so I had to open another topic again.

After countless of trials to clean all viruses, malware, spyware, worms etc from my computer via multiple cleaning tools, I had to come here to ask for assistance if someone would be so kind to please help. Few of recognized problems I am facing are (Lenovo, Windows 10 64bit, 3.4 ghz, 32 gb ram):

1. slow performance of computer particularly but not only on start up or reboot after desktop already appears
2. a lot of unwanted pops up. Some as stand alone applications but majority of them inside web browsers (both Firefox which i use in 99% of times and IE)
3. I am being forced to open particular link via IE while I want it to be opened via Firefox even if Firefox is set to default browser
4. In MS Office 2013 Pro (particularly but not only Excel and Outlook) i cannot even open hyperlinks due to error message saying they cannot be opened.
5. High quantity, talking about thousands of very weird entries (referring to their names) in Registry Editor similar to: G490890HJH23407FDGHHD0898904B
6. High quantity of Registry Editor entries related to the applications I have never installed or uninstalled long time ago. Just like in 5th problem, neither CCleaner nor Abexo helps.
7. Firefox is shouting down automatically. Destroying to me immediately all the work I am doing and all currently opened tabs. Since I am using IE extremely rarely, I haven't noticed this problem in IE.
8. Large ''addon corruption'' errors in Firefox causing it to freeze.
9. My internal hard drive is C and it contains three ''Program'' folders: Program Files, Program Files (x86), Program Data. I would like to separate this 9th problem on three different subproblems:

9.1 Folder ''Program Files'' was recently and always in the past named in local language and not english language. My Windows is in local language. I haven't been changing the language and it seems like some virus/malware/spyware/worm/etc renamed it to English language term. Updating of Windows didn't cause this.

9.2 Folder ''ProgramData'' was previously ''Program Data''

9.3 All three folders are all the time getting added new subfolders that I don't install on my own, neither do I recognize them.

10. It happened that fonts of desktop icons got completely changed also: style, size. Even icons' size got changed
11. New applications, most likely malware, are being automatically installed all the time.
12. Windows Defender is all the time reporting problems but very few amount (e.g. 2).
13. Both Firefox and IE windows are occuring automatically to unwanted websites. (i believe i partially mentioned this in problem number 2)
etc - been noticing more problems also.

I tried to clean up everything with tools i found but nothing helps. Your assistance would be highly appreciated.

LOGS are here: https://www.malwareremoval.com/forum/vi ... 11&t=65036
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Re: Still viruses/warms/malware etc

Unread postby Gary R » July 18th, 2017, 7:36 am

As was explained to you in the closing notice for your last topic, this forum does not assist in the cleaning of machines that we deem to be being used for business purposes

See ..... https://www.malwareremoval.com/forum/vi ... 09#p531109

If your computer is badly infected, and you are using this machine for business purposes, then in our opinion, the only safe course of action for you to take, is to restore it to factory condition, and then re-install your software, then any personal and or client files from a clean backup (any business files should always be backed up regularly for just this kind of situation, and any competent business would do it as a matter of course).


Please do not open another topic on this matter, as it too will be closed.
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