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Very Frustrated

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Very Frustrated

Unread postby Vanilla-krypton » August 10th, 2015, 7:26 pm

So I just got my laptop like two days ago, and my first priority was to download all my sims 2 games, so I did. After downloading them, I played them to see how they ran. They ran like crap. The game didn't freeze or crash, but the graphics were really glitchy. So I tried to find an easy solution online and apparently a lot of people have problems with sims 2 with the graphics card I have. Anyways, I contacted HP to see if they could help me with the graphics card issue because I honestly know nothing about all that stuff. So I go into an online chat with this chick named Febe (A tech support lady) and she asked me to download a program that's like Teamviewer. She starts clicking around on my computer and stuff and then she goes to my program list and she's like, yo you have malware, and I was like what how like I just got this computer and she was like, aye it's chill I can take care of it. So she starts uninstalling it and then she opens up a window and she types in temp and deletes all the files in it and she types in other stuff and deletes all those files too. Then she started changing other stuff that I don't even remember how to get to, and she disabled a bunch of stuff like my firewall and virus protection. So then since she changed all these settings a thing came up and was like aye you gotta restart your computer for all this stuff to activate and save so Febe was like, ok so I'm gonna restart your computer and I'll be here when it starts back up. So I was like, aight cool, but when I started my computer back up she disappeared. So I was like yo how do I find her again, I searched everwhere and I called like three numbers and listened to stupid holding music and got redirected millions of times and wow I've never talked to so many foreigners in my life. So I let this Debjit guy (another support tech) do the teamviewer type thingy on my computer too and he just fiddled around with some settings and honestly he had no clue what he was doing obviously. So then he was like aight it's fixed have a nice day, and I was like um ok thanks. So here I am because I'm pretty sure they jacked up my computer and I don't think they entirely uninstalled the malware so I just wanna be sure that they did. I tried running the dds thing but Febe put my computer in compatability mode I think? Since I'm in that mode I can't run it. I'm sorry this is so long but I wanted to really explain my situation.
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Re: Very Frustrated

Unread postby Gary R » August 11th, 2015, 1:38 am

If you're getting a "compatibility mode" message from DDS it's because you're using an OS that it's not compatible with (either W8.1 or W10) you need to run a scan with FRST instead.

Instructions for doing this can be found in ... viewtopic.php?p=491381#p491381 ... below the instructions for DDS.

Once you've done that, start a new topic, post your logs, and wait for a helper.

FRST logs can be long, and may exceed the forum post size limit, if so then attach them, but if you have to do this be sure to mention that your logs are too long to post in your opening speech or your topic may get closed.

This topic is now closed
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