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am i still infected?? + major win 7 probs after infection

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am i still infected?? + major win 7 probs after infection

Unread postby Robinski123 » December 11th, 2011, 5:44 pm

Hello from Canada!!!.....I have a serious? Infection...Details:
On Dec/6/11, I was checking emails and found one in "Junk".....it said it was from Canada Post......Just by pure coincidence, I just happen to waiting on an Important Letter(Credit Related) from them
so I selected "Safe" and read it.....It came with an Attachment...unfortunatly I downloaded It...STUPID!! I know....The file was a Zip, which I scanned with Both Malwarebytes+Microsoft Security
Essentials...both came up clean!!!...so I unzipped it, deleted the original zip and opened the folder...it contained 1 .pdf and several .txt (0bytes)...I opened the .pdf and the Nightmare Began!!!
Immediatly my screen changed/flashed to a Black screen. Then a bunch (over 20) of rectangular windows showed up...all indicating that my hard drive was failing!!!.there was an option to "Fix" by selecting "OK"....However I didnot..I just forced shutdown by pressing the Start Buttion on my HP. I then started up and the same windows showed up...I shut down again and started with the
Kaspersky Rescue DVD....I would "Boot"..BUT at a certain point it would not continue...."could not find cd"!!....so I restarted in safe mode, ran some scans & was able to start normally, BUT
my desktop was still Black....other symptoms as followed: Start Menu would only show Admin(Empty)...ALL folders were Hidden (I could see then but when opened..were empty!!)..I typed Computer, and Opened it...my drives and partitions still showed up (With correct space used..)...I could access my user folder again by typing it in...same with control panel...etc...Tried a system Restore..
Failed...Tried a Repair computer from a Win 7 Repair disc..to no avail...also all taskbar icon were gone..(But notifications were still there...)...so I deleted ALL system restore points and turned
it off.....did a superantispyware scan in safe mode..found 2 in appdata....ran RKill and it stopped a couple of processes.....rebooted and my desktop was back to normal!! with all my slideshow pics
I started my older second desktop (eMachine T5234-Vista 32) and went on line to fine other anti???....I used my Micro 8GB card to transfer files...I used Combofix..and then everything was almost back to normal.......ALL folders were "Unhidden" and I could open and see contents. BUT MAJOR problems still exist: Updates download BUT are not listed in Windows Update downloads page!!!, tried scannow both normally and from CMD in recovery disc...would not work...Windows Modules Installer Errors "Windows Resource Protetion could not....")......."Turn windows features on or off" is blank........
I would go back and forth between computers and do sugessted "Fixes" on HP......Finally got scannow to run!! (After Restart)...ran for almost 2hrs 30min...restarted...Back to FAST BOOT :)
BUT problems still exist...Reg+dll+ other are probibly corrupted!!...I am uncertain if I got rid of infection or its hiding???...I want to be certain!!....I have thought of nuking my drive and doing
a clean install!! but only as a LAST resort.....I have so many programs & Personal folder/files....I don't want to back up anything NOW (I have a 2TB WD for backups via sata...it USED to be an external...but usb was way too slow....)....Long story short: am I still Infected and how to repair various win7 problems....I am certain my HP has missing/corrupted system files....sorry for thelong letter but I thought that I should give as much info as possible. I have a Hijackthis log....My HP specs are: Windows 7 64, 8GB RAM, 1 dvd+1 Blu-ray Burner, 2 Hard drives>> Main is partitioned..
c: os and user d: Backup.....2nd drive.2 partitions..a: Audio(Cakewalk Projects.I am a Guitarist/Bassist/Keys/Drummer) b: Vid files Main has 620gb...2nd has 500GB.Thank for ANY info.....the Hijackthis.log is suspicially small!! Help me Obi-Wans, you are my only hope!!!......R
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Re: am i still infected?? + major win 7 probs after infectio

Unread postby NonSuch » December 11th, 2011, 7:09 pm

Double post. Information from the above post has been added to the other topic, which has been left open.

This topic is now closed.
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