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What does this mean?

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What does this mean?

Unread postby HelpMePlease. » August 27th, 2011, 1:28 pm

I have downloaded file need for logs and I get lot of strange letters which I cannot post as they are about 600K characters long so I`ll post a part of it.Can you help me?
MZ   ˙˙ ¸ @ Ř ş ´ Í!¸LÍ!This program cannot be run in DOS mode.

$ 1¸„:uŮęiuŮęiuŮęi¶ÖµiwŮęiuŮëiîŮęi¶Ö·idŮęi!úÚiŮęi˛ßěitŮęiRichuŮęi PE L ĆăK ŕ   P    0ó °  @        í  €      `    ` UPX0     € ŕUPX1 P ° F  @ ŕ.rsrc    J @ Ŕ 3.07 UPX!
•» $И…‚Ű 'C „ & "˙÷˙U‹ěƒě\ƒ} t+F‹Eu
¨>B˙żl˙ ‰HP˙u ˙Hr@ é uSÝŚ}÷V‹5°ŤE¤WPLƒeôíćl»1E äP‹}đżý±·đDp; ď¶FRVVŻUu˙żýč‹Ď+MčÁ‰M™÷˙3ŇŠđQťůŰÍNUMčÁ‹Ę1T»vé>ŠČPE3Áá×m··Ŕ ČsôPBř˘p‡™ĺěrEđPˆ TßŢľ˝˙Óč9}qŚw˙ ƒ~X˙şťűte˙v4˝5…Ŕ3tn۶/jWÇ:« čî"ÝÍą*Ę )XWKpŰg›Ű˙XÖđh -PągWřj˙h 6%Xr ż9Yˆw¤\_^3Ŕ[ÉŰßđ·Â_‹L$ˇČF‹ŃSiŇAVűÝ˙˙W‹TöÂtOŤq3˙;5ĚsB‹ÎiÉĽ}YţŤD‹ÁGët Ű˙ö/BO…Ét ë
u ‹Ů3ڃă9Ů´Űł÷‰F1ArĘt[Â…wĂ7îQQ‹Użňiö˜{Ă€3ÉóW?üB‹F¨^~ěö 9M t$ľB‰;„D‹ÂiŔ°đýG|ŤB‹‡
,RŰËö÷#ëu(›@˙EüµwÍtë ř;A‹ĐrĽůŰ7
͈ű,lü tóř·ů/ƒN@ëç‹€áƒÉ‰ëŮ?ö? V3öƒů s49Čv,ŤPöżđ $¨uGÓç…züt ~^°˙$ţ‰FÂóŮň[Ů?á ˇ­seůZám†”ŘB=#Ľďđ+üß3Ű9tK;ßsEŐrƒĆ5¶­°d„b(ý­pŰ <˜¦‹ľ@ƒâÓŕě…wż«ü#Č‹ÁÓâ;ÂvCĆxw[w{ßrĆt
÷ƒVă rźßÚîmCüóŠ‹DÓN}@ąÁmřŰ @eÁŕ
+ČQ;Jِqłôvt$öj‹ĆxĐkŔtÜ]¸řƒ8C\P!0=Ż˙ökś iCu@FëH‹ŁăŰŰđ+&|$ ž/Ś{jv7ž{w5th0u
u0qł±u/Phˇ˙e…DŢŻa{…ö}’Î^Š¸[ëőť»ďîĐ|'Ctlj…™hpź°sŽźËť? Qě¤o8^Mʡ"JŘWjc»°đYŤ}ŘNĚKóĄńÜc˙űmŕš‹úÁć
‚^äu"‹ˆ ?ö·s7yˆ`<‹§Ť-k±±)‹Ö{/óŤ4…a‹;Ë”Ŕ#¬ľÇ¶…C…6Ź˙4•VÆ[ř /WpĘ]`xl†Ö7+tRQ%„ÇśëÎ<„˙>[jđ=V·}‚ň«ŕş„š…ÝŘ=ČÎ!X‹řWFéţ—ď_f;ótBj\V
€SWŠˆˆE cłŮ:€u |=·÷j5ۆŞW
x¨,ř…{¦Š'ˆF:ĂuľŕtjćBw„˙mWh ˜Kb.t<>Äîjő`SnN]źµco vjĐjß}‹ř»E¶#WV„pňjă<1×Íoíâę?Řżfk
ÔWH°jäani MŤ~P‹·Ąo:éHl#“;Ćv%8˛cţł!C;ĂtƒŔ,`˛ëVţvŰ ÇŘěˆm…ŁD#6I7WĚh˙dŹČBÇ{QVzSmdŤÍ>9o,jďíźhü
Áޢj1žÁƒŕV‰uřłc˙křzFÂVľp›ĄVŠ‘ŢY„I P"ÂŮwđßK~MÄżpŁ­}|1ʸm]‡Ě“čĎQw7·iü`‹Čńý
îÂëčP…˘ߌą¨řě;űŤŢ$ƒ~ĚĹţ˙ţujéV®`~ëjî~¤%ÎhR pSë4
±[¦'ÜPĂYçVjŘÂiD;ąJň´ą…ěč†Wîđw’2Îř1‡'î ÇzsKx´j!jő6G0ş ďnÔ·J”}•td*[woh37Áäřˆ;ř~vxĽµ/sÔÇUnoc—»â„ű}x,y‰»sŹoC‹ű˙›˙ˆ7’ÖMN: o1věIŰÉR‰đđpĐä5±Ů"ôëě)W˛äNŠ)KP¸Ořl,6w´Vťô?ŕ]
Úy¸Bž˙ m9{KOćoŐđ-Ůn˙;đ|~–ësočv†''ś,JěŐĽŔ7ÄÔř wmč…Ą)ÚŢ  ëb+^ÉĎ‹ˇ- lWäÇĐ–Űímů/ëJ F#B3>Z04Ű[îv+ÜuęÉë+ tř/>é
ąôŐ8 úëE‹ƒÔůë&9Ů˝Ó˙WŚ]ňP†ŔŹľ— °Ä Ě›Ú-pŻ}DH‹ßÝ|·Ž?uń
уÇ–Ţ #ÜWłˇ.•ýî]ÖKVP­;Ót%}ú8ů
.GçWŁ6<dë'…ühj@ÖĺpŕŽ“ŞóF.ŢGľR„‰‰5÷Ƙé„T× ö¸\¬!ĂË„3á פëD8•íCÂm!˙uDŽMđÁů'fjjđŤUřŠ™kɆf™…`ąqÂć˛?Dë,E/ôFƒěŠ‡ŮÉŠöf›5v1Q#Í/-v©
CY&Üh& ßăŚ¦Ş‡FPg6Ę­s(rQTý1ŕů&ĚN¬%,Ją8’pˇčgîöđ&ŰëA0Rq«Â/*.Ŕiv\5. j[ m0Ű ČS¶S 5븙4hr)VŰOfű| P HjZ°f{c\8.@PĄáÂáĐS*’Łtž\Ąî˜Ł„ Š ?˝űF­ĄĘĆ‹ˆ
ˆ6÷FîŁh ‰«çšm˘Š8·B„¦))6ďnčއlC¶ ô`
<S [\X
gD pH„VvÇUp~ĂCÂ)T,ä¶řzî8FÓ9řăn‹jŔ˝jdÖ=p'[m[tëöř#ôä(¸`b
0J©Ĺ¶Đ řŻ€Ĺ$Ś$ěyaÍŢZ±p Ö˙s:ꊱN˘ż‰îĘĐ}Q6ZP…`ík8ř!aß7̜ؐ jƈ4đ5ą“Ô6J4nĐ0‰Ľ÷N@‰Í÷™DT˙pŮÍĆÜ„ ÝĂ|ç&Š q9XŮsÉÜŚ¶U­]ÍŽoŃ
© qřŮ[wîjStzOWŘ:ß=ketVW8śAÎb1íÄ«+(ÔŞh(o=ĚâÄíÖÖáë

|ěrqö‚jçˇ6ؼ߲ä,g†CÍl Eř" ŤVĽD‡b!Ăŕs–Ü’©@^r„q„ĺÂ,DÚ۶wëľ„ĚRh”‹)˙˙˛QŘLŞ˙Ń·Ćb<.¸$ľěľ
Ť-ľ˙!Á¦ÁK-çţÖ:Q‹˙R<+ÜŁlč‹@R4Ţ)pµß–łU#Ö>0ŮśÁí”QDôr ,~Ľ}|/ľh“ImoŤN+&Đż€_#—h@3q^ĚŤ=gśĚ
SjůŻˆ^Ź…ąuśO Wˆ\«u·Ř0 8vf÷âż-±‘‰¤ş¨+¶f‰M¬'hc@Ť7o`q™4B˙Ž,Ł=
đ­ t-j€ Ĺ*p‚"«gń 94é3öŔ¬‰V ¸`Ő:8ŘŢ Á†hśtŽĎ
"ŘR¦cfWĎ 2Hüv˝!N~ Bľh ŮVÝ"lŤĐÓlńúĐ$k÷©˘Vcu+ün;Ęź.őlŃşó;VUđŘöŽ ƒuQ=ĆďëRŕ:çĺ2a„Ťöđ±`çç‹uěČđdX͘ŚéÍ#¶ýčĆS]
S UV‰ąä"Rwƒ2<PƒţӠЪפߓpŰ@ľVŁ!XRMouc }SˇÎµČčUü
ĽŤřÉ:^yh B‹ĐűC˶9¶Vę͐¦ř”łąÝĂřGQ±VQ¤D ˝©n+UAG4¦t9Wžşt±uI‰…~O%0ëq˙6k 8C
gVm¤v#Ú\[ëUwŻ3''Ő4ąuľ»‰Y QVu…'ĘA8;: &ćd׌Zup8K›:®ű\ŮPŽ†¬&5Čjíä‘ӈąŔ´˘Ľ,>0˘¬’Ôăíë
™±6«˜űXs0ˆŃc.$Ůž(ô]Ô¶  3DoóŰ>ć‹Ô;Á~ŘĚźŽ vµ vˆ] >–ő~}:(467Ôµł0÷8ŮzЈJ$,e˙ZdĐx_ru!€}
Š)ˆ>— sŁt@;Ą|ľë9¶w€lPM>$Ŕď·]8<6<
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D$®f@6h=uĐb@díŕgěš×»ťˇ´`âDWW5ŃÚ×…pV?{¬„ăgŕ!íŕw!»C]‰íŐůÖ:dĐâV#MuŕëÂĐ€—˘TuőQÇQXÚ]MČGúžČ#W&ő{ĐŻćřQŤŮG¤ś;WĺŽŘ`˙KËí»Hŕjó^}µď^2ƒ`–ĽDVđ‹@“ćŐ҃ʁşŔVä›5n­_Ŕ{|‹ †, Vo=¬mRQëtŤ˙+ČşYjŻ Eŕëýd«%­ěD€N Đ'Ú_ÝMŕ‰Bý„•ČĄ˜n,y ~O;łJ$t#XA•„cÔÝŢë­ŢČ®XŕëQ"Ç/cĹ]Ś‚”‰:A˙¸;Đ´eƒë% ęčV-+Qj́W“sTŔp–r˛@ba˝?# –MÓl·ś·ĘÖ›fŮ4đg•ł45M×lţ9ZE–YvnÓú!ŘŰÓ4Ͳ
"4µć˛lše&Xĺ­›¦YmŠĄÁéLÓus Ĺ6Ëĺ˛P r!ô#"l–M矧#Ż'$Y6Młˆśľ%ËŰ4˦ú&>|}'3uÍ`ť÷‹fy—}Ó4MӁˆ•™ťMÓ4MˇŞ´ÁŮÝţ@2Íh˙4j?0č¬gPl…öW‹¨ĐęĆ}ĂÄŹČ mˇ%*N.ŠµŘ™ęB''ú/R}W°‹ÇSRŁňA ´*ŔźřüWPˇ 3Ű]-éŚ* >iŕ
=(ś @,d¶^hňuKôΚ"ńJüŽíWĽ1ú>üÚŐ·uq¬cN„$5hHÖj°bĐB$~c÷3 "uî>‰Ă‡DŢëßGłĎÝ
ˇ$ Ź€É °(¸±Ŕ ):›ĹZ;p8ĐEŰM0÷Đ#']Đm÷ƒX@} Ku9húçŽ4öîvđë !8˝ŁNJłƒ=÷¦6[8°uą;€Yp Ŕ<‘¤?3ćĹCô h˛í?Ş=Dé9
@pA µ·Â·đ;Č|»¸dQ´…šŤ“Ă—692şĄş ȡL(;"`诈ýí‰5ëv9§őY¸ ¶ëf±Ś¬â&j
dXÚt-öö~±ź»tG»¨hP±¬&~űB?R#Vh;+]˝ŮÜÂjo¦ =oějPŁă1ŕi˝^ÉĂ;(ls±/WŰř|~q°úľ ¬şč
V@śkV,P3Vś°Ň0˛ŃhŹ“”Ł˜ ^ŕ5eŽę@ţYpá~Ř% ~yçR𩸶řWę·>;m˙îW˛\.u~j÷Ü] ŚP*/©đßţ…M;uqěŕďľ­ŢuhěIns˙Ëňĺtu_čsofVäNulluM EZý„W(ƒŕ \ű»°côĄ‰
ž%m›*ąň¸ţ;Žě˘ŔpŁ¸¸h0ؐ0šY=PcKqŽUƒíU÷Ö®ƒr÷јŁTĺ+ŰJÜ.pôVTDÍEHµÝŤíÄsźđ޸`TëƒĆ…AÜ┣¸č¨­>ĂĘĽÓ¸ ý—DYƒč0I@ˇD<nc‰]0F<T·Ŕ $ƒČz wµŚ(EWýÇ|®řôžŤw$WÁWĎD5Ĺj?&X3^o ?(Ź6ŕ`ćě‹głj,Ň,ÓTĂI,w¦Qşˆ›
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Re: What does this mean?

Unread postby Wingman » August 27th, 2011, 2:29 pm

We need to know what's running on your computer so that we can provide the appropriate instructions.

May I draw your attention to THIS topic, which you should have read, that states what we need you to post, so we can help you.
If you still need help, please start a new thread an include your DDS logs:

  • DDS.txt.
  • Attach.txt.
  • Details of the problems you're experiencing.

Please try the other links for DDS as referenced in the above topic. If successful, please start a new topic with the requested logs.
If you still have problems... there are also some additional instructions for running a different scanner, if you continue to have problems with DDS.

This topic will now be closed.
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