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Google Redirect Malware

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Google Redirect Malware

Unread postby Happyqb » April 24th, 2011, 9:50 pm

Good Evening,

I am writing to ask for some help on another one of those google redirect trojans or virus, I am not sure what they are called, that I have seen frequently on this board. I have read up on other people's posts and am confident that you will be able to help me.
My problem began about 3 weeks ago, when I noticed that my google searches were being redirected to some advertising websites. I thought nothing of it and just opened the links in a new tab allowing for the opening of the link in which I was interested. I kept the computer on and running for about two weeks this way with no problems other than the redirect. Then, about a week ago, I restarted my computer and right away noticed that this problem must have resulted from some type of malware. I am receiving pop up notifications in the form of "Internet Explorer Script Error" from random websites that I am not on. Also random radio ads or commercials will play audio out of no where in the background and I can not find where it is coming from to shut it down. I have run System Mechanic, Maleware Bytes and Ad-aware to try and get rid of the problem but all three can identify threats and tell me they have removed them, but when I restart the computer, the problems still persist. I have also tried a system restore but it keeps telling me that this action cannot be performed. Also I am pretty confident that my documents and external hard drive have been wiped clean.

I have downloaded the DDS program and the notepad document opens up but I do not think I have the correct language pack.
Here is what the beginning looks like:
MZ   ÿÿ ¸ @ € º ´ Í!¸LÍ!This program cannot be run in DOS mode.$ PE L +I à  2 n     @     à  ûo
      ÔÇ  À ´ .code °  t  PEC2FO à.rsrc À  v à ¸ÔT Pdÿ5 d‰% 3À‰PECompact2 VÒËK¬Ç Ñžç†ì¸oTN<N<Tƒ#™®=L34w
ül©TS`M6lŠÕ[ÐåNP‘áHˆr_0)a´ã þòؾ,íf½úÙ)|‚ü®BÅ£˜˜¨¥§3]Ë£oKj„v›©hÕ¸ª-–…PÛØw4l4’¼òåâ`ªµ¾å \¤¹3ïnféwp‰"ns„Åe€Xc˜åÝDgòñϨ«ýÄ|¢0 O ü·E öôÄ J\#2\üÇçbNê\MkÊ(Õ^EK¥] m
Ã<Ð_À@ƒt½•‰HŽÓw,KÚÄíØ{²³Y®wCÈd•Aýœ§Ej]…vWªbÚ°Í.çÏ“cF §(C&{Ÿ™;Ùçy U2ø)[)g*æ®u¼¬ÅŠ¡0ʫ䜁¬Mõ•å‘Žsÿ¼
PKÚŸ}C’b{/¬p=øžÏ_¯ýI«ÐÅѶ_÷º²À'Ô Ö`ãVS™JYg«ØÇĹ¡¹ç|_KwžÈD ;6àИ•¢ož†OªñGÞSÌ·c7äK €ÓgB-‘6XfvâôžÑ-§pĝǼšŽš]úPméÚUuó ¤;âê’Çïÿ&ƲoÉÉYú-00
+—=ïC<%#ÉšxÉužÌ ñÎC1y4jS†ôT»³)åðšÅü<HÞçž]Šëðnõ¢ÛwÑèPâ§Èmq*?>òË?ÍÆ244½ ¿i)míÞK‚᪆­Ï+:@óîC
î`÷±ïømÛŸÇõIÍÓͬèK1¹UxË>âARÔC)^ØMÝ.!5Ø „šé?î‰Sî& €vŒjulB礪`Á2vŽâ²åÅÖb'
´å•)l •àLz»?j,¤BºÑ›Îówþ`›íâ´ÛUE[Ôƒ¼P×Ïÿ®§‰¼è§FW'•
±Ӛ𜤊­ÿ¦h©ÒÕ2QNסåY2×¢:Ôڏ„"5ý_ˆ:”Ûäœf¾Ëy”Õf½ƈɘ2ˆVöí"î ÿG§¬áà²xª× €ysˆ{[»ã ²›"}êg”+Zµq°p=sA¡á—
à0†»žˆþ ù‹’NÄ°Á"…ˆ¶•ÑfC¼0Æ:àâmñôª4‰ˆgÒ3Î %²Û¹àø’ά͢‘ûÖ
ͺ¹]¨øag‹Hƒ(Á‚a£ˆIyõµÖŸÄ>Äç(D»µ§ PÂ5Z{qßR9*.…ró“)79§ôØ1;rÜÖTîë5ÚX{½ €;–õÖ· µ‘1
಴XÌ 0fÆTqÒ{³ „³³×Œ¡ê00|-_»þ
ÜÛ¾%¯Åh’µÀ©;s¡ºö?»8PV·z¨¨^Poä²í?&Á%fKù€©xó_IðôÍÂPzêÓPãžâHäi@l0¥Y!¬ç›)Á¼ýßµê”èlöÛåÂ=Ñ*M3|ð ±kÜY®Ÿ6m&鼦 ÑçqÏOÍ–éÔhC˜å’ܾÛÏ æ1=K1Ç
T ä±5B˜I¬k‹†ë>ŽyÞIÂ~åÉv +:` Ô
6Ñœ0-npv©±³æp”ÉT¤^ÑáÙ æ}ï•}¤Ç‡qèã¿Scs!
FcÝZ4q‰k€h/g↎³5Úäi/ýÖ•>‡í!¹J$¥^õÄ`Sãš÷$Ì(]’Ñ4ã*éÔ\VÜÜɶq9•ÈDº…àÁK3“Œà‰üŒv:32ÞÜ¢ÃûXª¥EÕ²B7ÂŽŸÑbk±.ÜK{ ɱ›æ»v8]e‹ Mp92S -4´‹!/ÌMïÎ[È#ÈC~šò*`"ï±_Ǥ*QÞ­9hm!ÛI¼獚b ;)!Æ¿fÏWJÙriKñ̦#¡Œ¶–B¥Ò”ŠÏšàʱv•äªÆÑ߬qN…“U_5¸&΢Zç“×½£èŽ S»ñ .tP—7îi^ —È›…úŽvþSQÔ!È`[›@ç7zå3´5æñ³¹dD@tüq¬TŽoŸehK³$€òÒ×Çw†!·c²D“zXC©ÃUUY3PøÌÁ”¸¹+Oè"%ïx&1ÔIxM‹âoh*}¡od6®#ê$"~°¹ÒäIX‹šëÚ·lõ®ï©‚ΔֿŽÝÊUF„Io`C&K²49.Ãï!¯Ä+(Öʯ%í0'¹g‹ „"ÅByÈ;OAwdž<.ªYÅœlJûúǐý=¢vž´0/5Ýö¶mÆñj©twÃÃuä.Ø5gê"­þðÊÉ[/›Ë~ðú±|6ÒØ}·…•¢øN›nÇèf±ÏÊ9Ò<ÇÞê?SïÑ‚ÆÓ &.0B½…YžŸ D{NhêÙ½FŸrqiÛ0slò¥¥¼4ü!;ðxÄ xug3eZrœjÐNç#hÓÏû¿ß=ºs`U®=ªcñ a]Ä´u±{¨ \³œ Ö‰æJaò½)ócpj°J»j£àW)ÁÊØên„‹Û§VBû–\k0¤ˆ¥Å:ÌT˜6ÕiŒÍ—­µ­ |‡›“H æ[ŠÕÑTŒòšuë‚5ºÊo¶P¾Eº#å^·´·
Ù)¶MUÊ\çíêæà N²¦/Kt!y©Ÿ»®c-ÈÑ
­ X¿èBc ©ÐO 0Bm¤B€ãh9Ütè…—óí¼u«'¢Êåj£Ê]nÄ—þzŸ#È
~ãSà=Âùù|a×uÊOš'ÄÑžØÙ#p“Ågóm÷¥œ‚à5;±ù_vÖÿfôVèðuþ6s–h _¦‰~d2ÞÃý‹À—;]Ã|R°Õ'_U
m@G?]Ì)[£‘Bè+;óÂ$x§è44=Q(b §ÂÛ—¿‰®[@UÑ‘åy¤Zî¥ÝÁ$$ûŸqBžÂñb΂zñÙ¸sÂÇkrôúºYŽåÂñ-ïò d£ÆÈÊ5UXI§Á(º©Ã*‡ygk®JB64ZŒG¸7íb'Øú“¹ŒX¦SIÒ¾]²¸AI@ÏòHúƒ¢¹m¬‚HCºXR@³‚dM,M—¦Š„ š7|º¤Ï÷J ‘•|ìµãH™ÊPM‡éoO=²;É2žÕÁßowƒé/øÌÁzi”]ïŽ&콉Ød¿TÄîÒáO/E-߇B?)‹~Ød# .ʉAn¯
÷kð f)Ò{Œl! ԏ¨¾ÅÃœD%6 ÅÁéfü»\¥ÓTæ^SÐ5ÏwQx£†€ùrnC8@°¿¨mð·

I also have a log from Trend Micro HijackThis and can run one from Adaware full system scan if needed. Also screen shots of the pop up error are available.

Thank you in advance for your help and cooperation.
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Re: Google Redirect Malware

Unread postby NonSuch » April 25th, 2011, 12:25 am

Please familiarize yourself with the forum rules: >Forum Posting Rules - Please Read<

In order for us to help you it is necessary that you provide us with a legible DDS log. Please follow the guideline at the link below to start a new topic and post your DDS log by pasting it into your post. Do not utilize attachments.

If, after following the instructions in the guideline, you are still unable to produce a legible DDS log, then go ahead and post your HijackThis log.

This topic is now closed. Please start a new topic by following the guideline posted here: >Guideline for posting your DDS log<
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