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Vista Admin User Account Hijacked. Hidden Hacker Admin

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Vista Admin User Account Hijacked. Hidden Hacker Admin

Unread postby midivox » July 31st, 2010, 1:34 pm

Hi All,
My Vista Admin Account was hijacked by an unknown hacker or script. The hidden admin took over as head admin on my HP Vista Desktop disabled almost all my HW and SW permissions and then created a hidden group of users also some with deny permissions.
Trying different kinds of malware or anti virus removal guides does nothing. They all report no known virus, trojans, or malware found.

Everywhere else I have posted asking for help in deleting the hidden admin and its user group and restoring myself as the admin on my PC with full rights and permissions, not one single person had replied with anything helpful.

Here is what the hidden admin did.

1. Can not download, install, run, or uninstall in Normal Boot Mode. Do not have permissions to do so anymore.

2. Can not print or install a printer. Do not have permissions to do so.

3. All System Restore points are hidden. Do not have permission to create a new pt or even run sys restore.

4. Disabled my network cable card and can not view or see any of my Home Wireless Network. 2 Identical Vista Desktops and 2 XP Laptops. All my PCs are using wireless network cards. The hacked one uses USB Wireless so I can still get online. I do not have permission anymore to create or see any kind of wired or wireless network.

5. Erased, disabled or hid IE 8.1 I never use it, I have used Firefox for years. So Firefox is still working so I can ask for help online, view my home pages and bookmarked pages and send and recieve email.

6. Disabled or hid all MS Management Consoles. I do not have permission to use them.

7. Disabled Task Manager or took away my permission to use it.

8. Disabled my CD/DVD Drive or at least the ability to run anything from it.

9. Disabled my access to my external backup drive. USB Thumbdrives I can see, but do not know if I can run anything from them in normal boot mode.

10. Disabled any kind of troubleshooting software and security software I already had. Anti Virus, Spyware, PC Check Up, Windows Defender. Most of my software is creative arts, music, video, photo, that seems to be working ok.

11. If I boot in Safe Mode with network support I can download, run and install some programs. Part of my network now shows in Control Panel, My Wireless Desktop and my Router. Still nothing in printers, MS Management, or Backup and Restore. HIJACK THIS does not download, install, or run.

12. Linux and Dos Boot Discs work and Vistas Dos Window seems to be ok.

Any ideas on how to get rid or the hidden admin and its user group and how to get my full admin rights and permissions back would really be helpful.

Thanks MidiVox
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Re: Vista Admin User Account Hijacked. Hidden Hacker Admin

Unread postby NonSuch » July 31st, 2010, 5:08 pm

It would appear that whatever infection is on your computer is one that has been on there long enough to become deeply entrenched. There is no way to clean your computer and make it secure again without a reformat and reinstallation of the operating system.

If you have an OEM computer with a restore partition, you should do a destructive restore that will wipe out everything, and that process should be fairly simple. If you do not have a restore partition, then you will need a restore disk or an installation disk for your particular version of Vista. If your computer did not come with one, then you should contact your computer's manufacturer and purchase one from them. Usually, they are far less expensive than a retail disk.

If you are not comfortable with doing the reformat and reinstallation yourself, then you should take your computer to a trusted local shop and have the work done there.

As the resolution of this issue requires a reformat, and the recommended options for that process have been explained, this topic will now be closed.

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