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problems keeping focus, changing default settings

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Re: problems keeping focus, changing default settings

Unread postby Dakeyras » October 24th, 2008, 11:15 am

Hi Wayne :)

Ok I was gone most of the nite but I ran what you said, when I returned I had let my son on the computer while I was gone, he was going through his MY space and had the pop ups from the bogus malware saying I have multible infections do I want to download and scan. he didn't click on them as he didn't know what to do with them and left them sit there till I got home, I imeditly hit the X button at the top right in that popup, well it still came up like as if it was running so I hit the "STOP ALL INTERNET ACTIVITY" button in trend macro then ended all IE processes in task manager, which I was able to get rid of the popups, after which I looked for the files that this program normaly would behind and didn't find any and it never showed up again. so I hope it didn't get in.

You carried out the correct course of action. OK My Space is not the safest of websites to visit for a myriad of reasons and personally I would give it a wide berth.
Also may I suggest that suggest disabling ActiveX and scripts etc when visiting this site. The below information: Make your Internet Explorer safer explains how to do this.

The mouse drivers checkout fine.
and the optical mouse is working good, this is a laptop so I have both the Synaptics pad and a wirless mouse, which diables the pad when in use. both work like new, the problem was when typing or even just viewing a web page/desktop and somtimes even when in a program windows the focus would keep flickering between sevral things at a time, it was at a very fast rate which cause it to be very hard to keep the focus in the window you are typing in, I tried the problem with the ctfmon.exe fix that just required me to diable this service to stop the change focus for Office but this wasn't the problem as it was still the same, till I made my first post in here and it magicly went away, the curser still blinks weardly as insteag of a smooth constant steady blink rate, it blinks at about a one second interval with two or more fast flickers inbetween, like somthing is polling for a service all the time, but at least its not taking my focus all over the place.

but other then that everything seems fine as far as I know, still havent tried to log into safe mode yet, this was one problem that showed up when all this happened, as well as it suddinly started to take forever to shut down the computer. it was like the HD write lite would flicker forever, then finly shut down. this all started abouth the same time this loss focus problem happened.

thanks for staying with this as this one has me bugged lol
waiting for whats next :mrgreen:

You're welcome!

OK this is sounding very much like a specific Hardware problem and not malware related at all now. Unfortunately here in Malware Removal we are primarily a Anti-Malware support forum and do not deal with specific hardware related issues.

To myself it sounds like a possible failure of some sort with the laptops screen the best advise I can give is post create a account at one of the following forums and post in the appropriate section.

By all means include a link back to this topic: viewtopic.php?f=11&t=35727

I am a member of both of the below myself and they have some outstanding IT Tech Support Staff:

Specific Hardware Support:

Any questions do not hesitate to ask :thumbup:

You have a old installation of Java installed, older versions can be used as a exploit for malware to infect a system. I advise you uninstall this as follows:

Now please go to Start >> Control Panel >> Add/Remove Programs and remove the following (if present):

J2SE Runtime Environment 5.0 Update 6


Time for some housecleaning:

  • Double-click OTMoveIt3.exe to start the program.
  • Close all other programs apart from OTMoveIt2 as this step will require a reboot
  • On the OTMoveIt main screen, press the CleanUp! button
  • Say Yes to the prompt and then allow the program to reboot your computer.

Reset the system restore points:

  • Create a new, clean System Restore point which you can use in case of future system problems:
  • Press Start >> All Programs >> Accessories >> System Tools >> System Restore
  • Select Create a restore point, then Next, type a name like All Clean then press the Create button and once it's done press Close
Now remove old, infected System Restore points:
  • Next click Start >> Run... and type cleanmgr in the box and press OK
  • Ensure the boxes for Recycle Bin, Temporary Files and Temporary Internet Files are checked, you can choose to check other boxes if you wish but they are not required.
  • Select the More Options tab, under System Restore press Clean up... and say Yes to the prompt
  • Press OK and Yes to confirm


Now some advice about online safety/security:

Malwarebyte's Anti-Malware:

This is a excellent application and I advise you keep this installed. Check for updates and run a scan once a week.

Other installed security software:

Also please make sure that you check for updates for your Trend Micro security application regularly and run the appropriate scans once a week.

Keep your system updated:

Microsoft releases patches for Windows and Office products regularly to patch up Windows and Office products loopholes and fix any bugs found. Please ensure that you visit the following websites regularly or do update your system regularly.

Install the updates immediately if they are found. Reboot your computer if necessary, revisit Windows Update and Office update sites until there are no more updates to be installed.

To update Windows

Go to Start > All Programs > Windows Update

To update Office

Open up any Office program.

Go to Help > Check for Updates

Alternatively, you can visit the links below to update Windows and Office products.

Windows Update
Office Update

Be careful when opening attachments and downloading files:

  • Never open email attachments, not even if they are from someone you know. If you need to open them, scan them with your antivirus program before opening.
  • Never open emails from unknown senders.
  • Beware of emails that warn about viruses that are spreading, especially those from antivirus vendors. These email addresses can be easily spoofed. Check the antivirus vendor websites to be sure.
  • Be careful of what you download. Only download files from known sources. Also, avoid cracked programs. If you need a particular program that costs too much for you, try finding free alternatives on Sourceforge or Pricelessware.

Stop malicious scripts:

Windows by default allow scripts (which is VBScript and JavaScript) to run and some of these scripts are malicious. Use Noscript by Symantec or Script Defender by AnalogX to handle these scripts.

These would be particularly useful for when your son visits the social networking type sites and thus prevent any malicious content gaining access.

Backup regularly:

You never know when your PC will become unstable or become so infected that you can't recover it. Follow this Microsoft article to learn how to backup. Follow this article by Microsoft to restore your backups.

Alternatively, you can use 3rd-party programs to back up your data. One example can be found at Bleeping Computer.

Make your Internet Explorer safer:

For Internet Explorer 7

Please read this article to configure Internet Explorer 7 properly.

Avoid Peer to Peer software:

P2P may be a great way to get lots of stuffs, but it is a great way to get infected as well. There's no way to tell if the file being shared is infected. Worse still, some worms spread via P2P networks, infecting you as well. My advice avoid these types of software applications.

Prevent a re-infection:

  • Winpatrol

    Winpatrol is heuristic protection program, meaning it looks for patterns in codes that work like malware. It also takes a snapshot of your system's critical resources and alerts you to any changes that may occur without you knowing. You can read more about Winpatrol's features here.

    You can get a free copy of Winpatrol or use the Plus version for more features.

    You can read Winpatrol's FAQ if you run into problems.
  • Hosts File:

    A Hosts file is like a phone book. You look up someone's name in the phone book before calling him/her. Similarly, your PC will look up the website's IP address before you can view the website.

    Hosts file will replace your current Hosts file with another one containing well-known advertisement sites, spyware sites and other bad sites. This new Hosts file will protect you by re-directing these bad sites to

    Here are some Hosts files:
  • MVPS Hosts File
  • Bluetack's Hosts File
  • Bluetack's Host Manager
  • hpHosts.

Only use one of the above.

Finally a educational source:

To learn more about how to protect yourself while on the internet read this article by Tony Klein: So how did I get infected in the first place?
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MRU Honors Graduate
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Re: problems keeping focus, changing default settings

Unread postby hurk27 » October 26th, 2008, 9:51 pm

Ok followed all the above, except the hardware site, this laptop is still under the platinum warranty from dell and I have to go through them on this as there the ones that have to fix any hardware problems, they should be out next weekend as I work through the week. but so far all seems well.

Again thanks' for all the help and I'll be posting a donation to such a great site.


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Re: problems keeping focus, changing default settings

Unread postby Dakeyras » October 27th, 2008, 6:55 am

You're very welcome :)
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MRU Honors Graduate
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Re: problems keeping focus, changing default settings

Unread postby Vino Rosso » October 27th, 2008, 7:02 am

Glad we could be of assistance.

This topic is now closed. If you wish it reopened, please send us an email to 'admin at malwareremoval.com' with a link to your thread.

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