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Problems with a Genetik trojan

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Re: Problems with a Genetik trojan

Unread postby Kpax » August 6th, 2008, 9:25 am

Yes the Auto Refreshers.zip is related to the gaming files and mIrc is installed by me.

The DotaClient thing is odd. It's acting very much as spyware though (but in a good way :roll: ) so I guess that's why it might be indicated as a threat.

Can't say much about the cracks though :oops:

C:\Documents and Settings\K\Desktop\Deladim\Programim\TrapCode Plugins\trapcode.multikeygen.v1.1.exe moved successfully.
< C:\Documents and Settings\K\Desktop\GANDALF VAR E DUU\[NewTorrents.info] Word.to.PDF.Converter.v3.0.030505.Incl.Keymaker-EMBRACE.rar >
C:\Documents and Settings\K\Desktop\GANDALF VAR E DUU\[NewTorrents.info] Word.to.PDF.Converter.v3.0.030505.Incl.Keymaker-EMBRACE.rar moved successfully.
C:\Documents and Settings\K\Desktop\GANDALF VAR E DUU\SetupPoker.exe moved successfully.
C:\Poker\Expekt Poker\_SetupPoker.exe moved successfully.
C:\Deckard\System Scanner\20080804221854 moved successfully.
C:\Deckard\System Scanner\20080804221654 moved successfully.
C:\Deckard\System Scanner\20080804153813\backup\WINDOWS\temp\_isTmp_{8675309} moved successfully.
C:\Deckard\System Scanner\20080804153813\backup\WINDOWS\temp\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\M3WPCBSP moved successfully.
C:\Deckard\System Scanner\20080804153813\backup\WINDOWS\temp\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\ILQHO78X moved successfully.
C:\Deckard\System Scanner\20080804153813\backup\WINDOWS\temp\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\8R2DIVEZ moved successfully.
C:\Deckard\System Scanner\20080804153813\backup\WINDOWS\temp\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\6TUZE76L moved successfully.
C:\Deckard\System Scanner\20080804153813\backup\WINDOWS\temp\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5 moved successfully.
C:\Deckard\System Scanner\20080804153813\backup\WINDOWS\temp\Temporary Internet Files moved successfully.
C:\Deckard\System Scanner\20080804153813\backup\WINDOWS\temp\History\History.IE5 moved successfully.
C:\Deckard\System Scanner\20080804153813\backup\WINDOWS\temp\History moved successfully.
C:\Deckard\System Scanner\20080804153813\backup\WINDOWS\temp\Cookies moved successfully.
C:\Deckard\System Scanner\20080804153813\backup\WINDOWS\temp moved successfully.
C:\Deckard\System Scanner\20080804153813\backup\WINDOWS moved successfully.
C:\Deckard\System Scanner\20080804153813\backup\DOCUME~1\K\LOCALS~1\Temp\Rar$DR00.437 moved successfully.
C:\Deckard\System Scanner\20080804153813\backup\DOCUME~1\K\LOCALS~1\Temp\msohtmlclip1\01 moved successfully.
C:\Deckard\System Scanner\20080804153813\backup\DOCUME~1\K\LOCALS~1\Temp\msohtmlclip1 moved successfully.
C:\Deckard\System Scanner\20080804153813\backup\DOCUME~1\K\LOCALS~1\Temp\msohtmlclip moved successfully.
C:\Deckard\System Scanner\20080804153813\backup\DOCUME~1\K\LOCALS~1\Temp\MessengerCache moved successfully.
C:\Deckard\System Scanner\20080804153813\backup\DOCUME~1\K\LOCALS~1\Temp\hsperfdata_K moved successfully.
C:\Deckard\System Scanner\20080804153813\backup\DOCUME~1\K\LOCALS~1\Temp\Adobe\Acrobat\8.0 moved successfully.
C:\Deckard\System Scanner\20080804153813\backup\DOCUME~1\K\LOCALS~1\Temp\Adobe\Acrobat moved successfully.
C:\Deckard\System Scanner\20080804153813\backup\DOCUME~1\K\LOCALS~1\Temp\Adobe moved successfully.
C:\Deckard\System Scanner\20080804153813\backup\DOCUME~1\K\LOCALS~1\Temp\a2temp\Signatures moved successfully.
C:\Deckard\System Scanner\20080804153813\backup\DOCUME~1\K\LOCALS~1\Temp\a2temp\Languages moved successfully.
C:\Deckard\System Scanner\20080804153813\backup\DOCUME~1\K\LOCALS~1\Temp\a2temp moved successfully.
C:\Deckard\System Scanner\20080804153813\backup\DOCUME~1\K\LOCALS~1\Temp\a2archive moved successfully.
C:\Deckard\System Scanner\20080804153813\backup\DOCUME~1\K\LOCALS~1\Temp moved successfully.
C:\Deckard\System Scanner\20080804153813\backup\DOCUME~1\K\LOCALS~1 moved successfully.
C:\Deckard\System Scanner\20080804153813\backup\DOCUME~1\K moved successfully.
C:\Deckard\System Scanner\20080804153813\backup\DOCUME~1 moved successfully.
C:\Deckard\System Scanner\20080804153813\backup moved successfully.
C:\Deckard\System Scanner\20080804153813 moved successfully.
C:\Deckard\System Scanner moved successfully.
C:\Deckard moved successfully.

OTMoveIt2 by OldTimer - Version log created on 08062008_150025

Haven't had a virus warning for roughly 20 hours :shock: I must say that I consider that extremely hopeful, it was popping up every 2-3 hours earlier!
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Re: Problems with a Genetik trojan

Unread postby Kpax » August 7th, 2008, 3:38 pm

Haven't seen anything that even remotely looks like a virus :D

Is it an all clear?
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Re: Problems with a Genetik trojan

Unread postby Katana » August 9th, 2008, 6:53 am

Sorry for the delay, I didn't get notified of your response.

Congratulations your logs look clean :D

Let's see if I can help you keep it that way

First lets tidy up :D

  • This will clear your System Volume Information restore points and remove all the infected files that were quarantined
  • Click START then RUN
  • Now type Combofix /u in the runbox and click OK. Note the space between the X and the /U, it needs to be there.
    • Image
You can also delete any logs we have produced, and empty your Recycle bin.

Open OTMoveIt Click Cleanup,
it will now connect to the internet and get a list of files to delete.
When a box pops up click YES.

The following is some info to help you stay safe and clean.
( Vista users must ensure that any programs are Vista compatible BEFORE installing )

You may already have some of the following programs, but I include the full list for the benefit of all the other people who will be reading this thread in the future.

Online Scanners
I would recommend a scan at one or more of the following sites at least once a month.

http://www.kaspersky.com/kos/eng/partne ... bscan.html

!!! Make sure that all your programs are updated !!!
Secunia Software Inspector does all the work for you, .... see HERE for details

    AntiSpyware is not the same thing as Antivirus.
    Different AntiSpyware programs detect different things, so in this case it is recommended that you have more than one.
    You should only have one running all the time, the other/s should be used "on demand" on a regular basis.
    Most of the programs in this list have a free (for Home Users ) and paid versions,
    it is worth paying for one and having "realtime" protection, unless you intend to do a manual scan often.
  • Spybot - Search & Destroy <<< A must have program
    • It includes host protection and registry protection
    • A hosts file is a bit like a phone book, it points to the actual numeric address (i.e. the IP address) from the human friendly name of a website. This feature can be used to block malicious websites
  • MalwareBytes Anti-malware <<< A New and effective program
  • a-squared Free <<< A good "realtime" or "on demand" scanner
  • superantispyware <<< A good "realtime" or "on demand" scanner

    These programs don't detect malware, they help stop it getting on your machine in the first place.
    Each does a different job, so you can have more than one
  • Winpatrol
    • An excellent startup manager and then some !!
    • Notifies you if programs are added to startup
    • Allows delayed startup
    • A must have addition
  • SpywareBlaster 4.0
    • SpywareBlaster sets killbits in the registry to prevent known malicious activex controls from installing themselves on your computer.
  • SpywareGuard 2.2
    • SpywareGuard provides real-time protection against spyware.
    • Not required if you have other "realtime" antispyware or Winpatrol
  • ZonedOut
    • Formerly known as IE-SPYAD, adds a long list of sites and domains associated with known advertisers and marketers to the Restricted sites zone of Internet Explorer.
    • This little program packs a powerful punch as it blocks ads, banners, 3rd party Cookies, 3rd party page counters, web bugs, and many hijackers.
    • For information on how to download and install, please read this tutorial by WinHelp2002.
    • Not required if you are using other host file protections

Internet Browsers
    Microsoft has worked hard to make IE.7 a more secure browser, unfortunately whilst it is still the leading browser of choice it will always be under attack from the bad guys.
    Using a different web browser can help stop malware getting on your machine.
    • Make your Internet Explorer more secure - This can be done by following these simple instructions:
      1. From within Internet Explorer click on the Tools menu and then click on Options.
      2. Click once on the Security tab
      3. Click once on the Internet icon so it becomes highlighted.
      4. Click once on the Custom Level button.
        • Change the Download signed ActiveX controls to Prompt
        • Change the Download unsigned ActiveX controls to Disable
        • Change the Initialise and script ActiveX controls not marked as safe to Disable
        • Change the Installation of desktop items to Prompt
        • Change the Launching programs and files in an IFRAME to Prompt
        • Change the Navigate sub-frames across different domains to Prompt
        • When all these settings have been made, click on the OK button.
        • If it prompts you as to whether or not you want to save the settings, press the Yes button.
      5. Next press the Apply button and then the OK to exit the Internet Properties page.
    If you are still using IE6 then either update, or get one of the following.
    • FireFox
      • With many addons available that make customization easy this is a very popular choice
      • NoScript and AdBlockPlus addons are essential
    • Opera
      • Another popular alternative
    • Netscape
      • Another popular alternative
      • Also has Addons available

Cleaning Temporary Internet Files and Tracking Cookies
    Temporary Internet Files are mainly the files that are downloaded when you open a web page.
    Unfortunately, if the site you visit is of a dubious nature or has been hacked, they can also be an entry point for malware.
    It is a good idea to empty the Temporary Internet Files folder on a regular basis.

    Tracking Cookies are files that websites use to monitor which sites you visit and how often.
    A lot of Antispyware scanners pick up these tracking cookies and flag them as unwanted.
    CAUTION :- If you delete all your cookies you will lose any autologin information for sites that you visit, and will need your passwords

    Both of these can be cleaned manually, but a quicker option is to use a program
  • ATF Cleaner
    • Free and very simple to use
  • CCleaner
    • Free and very flexible, you can chose which cookies to keep

Also PLEASE read this article.....So How Did I Get Infected In The First Place

The last and most important thing I can tell you is UPDATE.
If you don't update your security programs (Antivirus, Antispyware even Windows) then you are at risk.
Malware changes on a day to day basis. You should update every week at the very least.

If you follow this advice then (with a bit of luck) you will never have to hear from me again :D

If you could post back one more time to let me know everything is OK, then I can have this thread archived.

Happy surfing K'
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Re: Problems with a Genetik trojan

Unread postby Kpax » August 10th, 2008, 4:15 pm

Hello again Katana! I must say that everything's fine and dandy over here.

I can't describe how grateful I am for your help :cheers: My economy currently can't allow any donations but when the student loan starts ticking in again after summer I will make a donation :D

Ye I've got some of those programs and I'm very cautious when browsing the web. Still some bad stuff manage to sneak in apparently :roll: But as you said I'll "hopefully" never see you again. At least not under these circumstances ;)

Endless gratitude and well wishes,
Kristian Andreassen
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Re: Problems with a Genetik trojan

Unread postby Simon V. » August 13th, 2008, 4:25 pm

This topic is now closed.

If you are the originator of this topic, and you need it re-opened please send an email to 'admin at malwareremoval.com', including a link to this topic.

If you have been helped and wish to donate to help with the costs of this volunteer site, please read Donations For Malware Removal

Please do not contact us if you are not the topic starter. A valid, working link to the closed topic is required along with the username used. If the username does not match the one in the thread linked, the email will be deleted.
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