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Unread postby Tommie » September 10th, 2006, 3:42 am

Hi there..
I'll go straight to the point.
Firstly, my computer will start to freeze completely when I'm surfing or playing games.

and when I restart it, the CPU will run but my screen showed "No Signal". I used EWIDO and clear the virus and I even ReFormatted the whole HDD. but the program still occurs.

Now, my computer is free from virus but the freezing thing still occurs. May I know whether the problem lies with the graphics card or the motherboard? I will have to open my CPU cover and unplug and plug in my graphics card then my computer will work.. but it still freezes randomly.

Pls guide me through this.
Thank You.
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Unread postby SpotCheckBilly » September 11th, 2006, 8:59 pm

Hi Tommie,

Welcome to the MRU forums.

It doesn't sound like your problem is malware related, but let's do a couple scans to make sure.

First, let's download HijackThis from Here. Then follow these instructions:
  • Important! HijackThis will create a backup file to use if a restore is necessary. Please DO NOT run HijackThis from a temporary location or your desktop.
  • Create a folder on the root drive, (Usually C:\), called C:\HJT.
    • Go to "My Computer", (Windows key+e), or by double-clicking on the "My Computer" icon on your desktop.
    • Double click on "C:"
    • Right click and select New->Folder. Name it HJT.
  • Unzip HijackThis to its permanent folder.
  • Launch HijackThis by double-clicking on "HijackThis.exe".
  • Click the "Do a system scan only" button.
  • When scan is finished, click the "Save log" button and save to a convenient location.
  • A Notepad windowill open with the contents of the scan.
    • Hit Ctrl+a to select the entire contents.
    • Hit Ctrl+c to copy it.
  • Click the "Add Reply"button in this thread.
    • Hit Ctrl+v to paste contents of log into the reply box.
Second, if you still have ewido, please configure and run as follows: (if you lost ewido when you reformatted, please follow instructions in their integrity. If you still have it, just skip the download and install step.)

Download and Install: Ewido Anti-Spyware 4.0.
Once installed, please make the following settings changes:
  • Under the Status menu (which opens by default), under "Your Computer's Security," Change Status on Resident Guard to Inactive
  • Click Update Now
  • Under the now-opened Update menu, uncheck "Download and Install Updates Automatically (Recommended)"
  • Click Scanner in the top bar
  • Click the Settings tab
    • Under "How To Act?" set "Default Action for Detected Malware" to Quarantine
    • Under "How to Scan" ALL boxes should be checked
    • Under "What to Scan," "Scan every file" should be highlighted
    • Under "Possibly Unwanted Software" ALL boxes should be checked
  • Under Reports select "Automatically generate report after every scan" and uncheck "Only if threats were found"
  • Do NOT scan yet: We'll do so shortly.
  • Exit ewido.
Reboot into Safe Mode:
  • Restart your computer
  • Contiunally tap F8 until a menu appears.
  • Use your up/down arrow key to highlight Safe Mode.
  • Hit enter.
Please close ALL open windows/programs/folders. Have nothing else open as it can interfere with ewido while performs its scan!

Run the Ewido Scan
  • Click on the Scan Tab
  • Click on Complete System Scan
  • Let the program scan the machine -- it can take a while, just give it time.
  • When scan has finished, at bottom of screen click Apply all Actions
  • Click Save Report
  • Click Save Report As ("Save As" window should pop up.)
  • Click Desktop
  • Click Save
  • Exit ewido
In your next reply please include:
  • The Hijackthis log.
  • The report from the ewido scan.
We will go from there. :wave:

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Unread postby Tommie » September 12th, 2006, 7:01 am

THanks for ur help man.. but now..it became worst.. I can't even power up the computer.. From this, I think the problem lies with the motherboard itself. Damn.!!!!

Anyway thanks alot!!
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Unread postby SpotCheckBilly » September 12th, 2006, 6:44 pm

You are very welcome.good luck with your machine! :wave:

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MRU Master
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Unread postby Nick-YF19 » September 12th, 2006, 8:47 pm

Glad we could be of assistance.

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